"Real Strategies made a positive difference to relationships between local people, other agencies and the police. Dialogue is now solution rather than problem focussed."  Inspector Adrian Payne 
Over the past ten years Real Strategies have contributed to improvement in, and the cohesion of, eight disadvantaged neighbourhoods. All had little or no resident engagement. We worked with local people and agencies to research community need, and develop and initiate community improvement plans.


For example, we were approached by Kent Police. They were  concerned about high crime and relations between, and with, local people in Stone, Dartford.  We designed a four month action research  project that was translated into a plan for the newly formed Stone Triangle Action Group. 

The project resulted in:

  • The engagement of 150 local people and a dozen agencies
  • Stone Triangle Action Group
  • Securing funds for youth activity and estate improvements
  • Community Safety Focus Area status being dropped within the year


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