Susan   Lelliott:   Founder and director of Real Strategies.  Susan has over 25 years' social research, education and project development experience. She is enthused by the growth of individuals, organisations and community understanding. Susan has been a deliverer, senior manager and advisor in the voluntary, housing, education, private  and community sectors. Susan has always had to generate funds to start projects. Susan's experience includes: managing social research projects, creating and managing a community and adult education  department in City of Sunderland College and managing five Hyde Plus social enterprise projects for highly disadvantaged young people.

Lasse Johansson:    Freelance cameraman, director and editor. Well-versed in making  social documentaries and  carrying out  education work, Lasse is committed to making a social difference via  the filmmaking process. Lasse  has created films and online content for a wide variety of charities and educational organisations such as Mandimba Alliances in Mozambique and St Martin's Innovation Centre.   He has also worked on community projects working with  local people on producing documentaries.

Imogen Slater: Over 25 years' experience of  delivering, managing  and evaluating youth and community projects.  Imogen has worked in the  education, housing, health and skills, voluntary, public and private sectors. She believes wholeheartedly in participative working and that by taking this approach people can learn, and are empowered. Imogen has conducted research and evaluation with agencies such as: London Boroughs, Centre for Urban and Community Research (CUCR), Skills Funding Agency,  Home Office and EU Leonardo Programmes. Imogen has a Masters in Sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London.


Niaomh  Convery: The youngest member of team. She is studying photography at the University of East London.   Niaomh believes that photography can help promote personal, community and international understanding. She has conducted community-related work for: Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency, Red Consultancy and the Transport Studies Unit (TSU), Oxford University.  She recently curated the Deptford Cookbook Project. Several international photography assignments and UK photography work have resulted in the ‘I-2-Eye’ Photography Project.  With mentoring from Real Strategies, this project aims to build young people’s self- awareness, community awareness and cross-cultural understanding.

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